Corporate Governance

Course Overview

Corporate governance is understandably very high on the public sector agenda. Public bodies and many other organisations in receipt of public support must insure that their corporate governance frameworks are of a best practice standard and that they are in compliance with specified corporate governance codes. This course will give insights into the principles on which codes are based, provide an overview of the key issues for the different stakeholders and discuss the implications of how governance practices can be assessed.

This course utilises case studies and expert theory and seeks to:

  • ensure that organisations are appropriately constituted, structured and operate the appropriate governance processes
  • support good practice in stewardship, risk and assurance, and internal control
  • exemplify standards of behaviour as a way of enabling good governance in organisations.

What You’ll Learn:

  • How to apply the corporate governance fundamentals in the public sector
  • How to establish and maintain a strategically effective framework
  • How to identify business risk with a potential impact on corporate governance
  • The role of the Board and those with whom they interact
  • Management of internal and external relationships

Who should attend?

  • Staff who support the Board
  • Staff with a responsibility for governance but with no formal training
  • Middle and senior managers or aspiring managers
  • New or aspiring Board members
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