Cyber Security training for employees

Course Overview

The public sector operates in an environment driven by data. From education and healthcare to utilities and housing, data is now as integral to the success of public services as the teams and physical infrastructures through which they are deployed

With the increase in the volume and complexity of data, however, has come an increased risk of its loss, theft or misuse through malicious attacks or mismanagement, many of which threaten citizens’ privacy and security and cause serious disruption to essential services. The adoption of cloud based IT systems, though not universal, is helping to reduce this risk through robust security safeguards and sophisticated end to end data encryption.

 However, the transition from on-premise or hybrid server data management to remote cloud systems poses its own security challenges. First, around establishing best practice among staff for the management of data that may be shared with other people and organizations due to the rise in the use of collaboration tools. Second, because of the growth of ‘shadow IT’ – productivity applications downloaded by staff and used on both personal and work devices, often without the knowledge and authorization of IT managers, which can create opportunities for hackers to bypass system security and access sensitive data.

This training course will highlight:

  • Understanding Cyber Threats.
  • Learn how to prevent Cyber Threats.
  • Learn about different Spyware, Ransomware and Malware.

This Cyber Security Awareness course provides critical training in cyber security threats and how to avoid them. Designed for any employee at any organisational level, the training provides easy to follow best practice procedures for all staff to follow in order to reduce risk and keep themselves and the organization secure. 

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