Leadership in Public Sector

Course Overview

The pressures and challenges facing governments of all types are growing. The number and complexity of issues is increasing, the budgets and resources available to manage these issues is limited and expectations of citizens are becoming more demanding. Citizens, legislators, NGOs, journalists and other stakeholders have access to more information and tools such as social media to make their voices heard. 

Developing and implementing effective policies, managing change, dealing with crises and engagement with a wide range of stakeholders are essential skills for government officials at all levels, whether appointed or elected. This training course on Leadership in Public Sector will provide strategies and tools to enhance the leadership performance of government officials and allow them to take a strategic approach to managing the issues that face a modern government.    

The course will highlight:

  • Ethics and values of good government
  • Building a high performance culture
  • Effective policy outcomes
  • Managing change
  • Crisis management
  • Stakeholder engagement

 By the end of this training course on Leadership in public sector, participants will learn:

  • Recent global trends and developments in government leadership
  • How to ensure high ethical standards are maintained
  • How to develop an effective organizational culture
  • Effective strategies and tools for developing and implementing high quality policy
  • How to manage change
  • How to manage crises
  • Effective stakeholder engagement

The daily workshops will be highly interactive and participative. The course will be based on interactive exercises, role play and case studies drawn from a wide range of countries and situations. 

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